Tableau blogs

Alan Smithee Presents – the most mysterious among Tableau bloggers, the blog is full of tutorials and tricks.

Clearly and Simply – as the title says author, Robert Mundigl, explains everything clearly and simply.

DataRemixed – Ben Jones

Data Revelation – must check out for everyone who is into survey data, Steve Wexler will show you how to work with such data without affecting your mental health.

Drawing with Numbers – Jonathan Drummey's blog full of tutorials.

Gravy Anecdote – Andy Cotgreave shares thoughts about data visualizations and Tableau

Health Intelligence – Ramon Martinez publishes his health data visualizations

Higher Ed Data Stories – Jon Boeckenstedt publish his data vizes based on data from education.

Information Lab – blog written by Tableau's partners consists of tutorials, especially from mapping field (they are behind

Interworks Blog – company's blog

Joe Mako - there is just one Joe Mako :)
Twitter: @JoeMako

Robb's Data Ciz Gallery– Rob Tufts posts his hockey data vizes
Twitter: @RobbTufts

Ryrobes – Ryan Robitaille posts tutorials and data vizes. How many bloggers do Metallicanalyse? Not many but Ryan does :) 

Tableau Love – Russell Christopher's cookbook for data vizes done in Tablaeu

They Walked Together and Tumblr – behind this romantic title is Allan Walker. If you need to create many projects based on maps in Tableau, his blog is a great resource for you. 

VizCandy – Kelly Martin's blog is full of eye candies, so worth checking if you want to improve your designing skills.

VizWiz – Andy Kriebel shares his tutorials and gives a new life to old data visualizations.
Twitter: @VizWizBI

Wannabe Data Rock Star – Matt Francis, Tableau Zen Master-to-be

Others blog lists:

The Information Lab, All the Tableau bloggers

Cool Data Viz Blogs

Tableau Blogs

Ramon's list - check out his links, there are also links to data sources and data tools.

Levada Center  - non-governmental organization carrying out public opinion and market research | Левада-Центр - российская негосударственная исследовательская организация

VCIOM - Russian Public Opinion Research Center | ВЦИОМ - Всероссийский центр изучения общественного мнения

RUметрика - цифры в интернете

Romir - a research holding, providing marketing research, media and socio-economic research services | Ромир - исследования различных рынков и сфер жизни общества

ФОМ - Общероссийские опросы городского и сельского населения, социологическое сопровождение избирательных кампаний и социальных проектов - data about Russian internet

TNS Russia - media and market research company | TNS Россия - медиа-измерения

Информационные материалы об окончательных итогах Всероссийской переписи населения 2010 года

Infographics about Russia



The Moscow News 


ITAR-TASS (English)

ITAR-TASS (Russia)

From Russia with infographics




About Russia

Russian Venture Investment Center (RVIC) - facilitates and promotes investment in Russia providing a web-based community-driven platform for all the participants of investment process both in Russian and abroad.

Siberian Light

Rusland Veraf en Nabij (Dutch)

Business news from Russia RusInform (Dutch)

Nederland - Rusland 2013 - het bilateraal vriendschapsjaar (Год России в Нидерландах и Год Нидерландов в России).

G.U.S.-Trans GmbH carriage services both from Europe to the CIS countries and in the opposite direction.

Interesting websites

MYC4 is an online marketplace that connects people from all over the world – just like you and me – with African entrepreneurs, who lack capital to develop their businesses.

Bribe Payers Index

World Economic Forum - "Gender Gap Report"

Export Helpdesk

Vox Maps

Data visualizations resources Selected Tools

Raw - the missing link between spreadsheets and vector graphics