24 September 2012

Population of Russia from 1500 to 2000

I decided to visualize some data using crochet. To create the "data visualization scarf" I used:
- yarn (colours are taken from the Russian flag)
- crochet-hook
- data

 The scarf consists of two parts: visualizing and heating.

Population of Russia (mln)  
1 square = 1 million

The main adventages of this method of data visualization is:
- it's environment friendly, you don't need electricity
- it's cat-entertaining
- cold-protective
- easy to create

Me: I felt awkward in the yarn shop, I have limited knowledge of yarns.
My friend: You should ask a shop assistant for help, maybe she also visualize in this way...

...and Tableau Software version of this visualization.

Source of data:
Historical Atlas

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