18 May 2012

Azerbaijan: it's a man's world

Derrick Harris, a big data specialist, wrote "Your data has a secret, but you — yes, you — can make it talk". I did not need to make them talk, as they have been screaming.

The sex ratio in the 0-14 age group in Azerbaijan went from 107 males per 100 females in 1990, to 116 in 2010. The ratio is significantly higher in certain states such as Gubadly and Lachyn (129 and 125). About 130 thousand girls are missing from the expected population of under the age of 14.

Abnormal sex ratios at birth, explained by growing incidence of sex-selective abortion, have also been noted in China, India, Pakistan, South Korea, Taiwan and Armenia.

12 May 2012

Me, I love charts and Metallica

Two young and handsome men, Jason Oberholtzer and Cody Westphal, have collected the most interesting charts placed on their blog "I love charts" and published in a book with unexpected and shocking title: "I love charts: the book" 

One of my charts became part of the book so I've created a chart showing how it's changed my life