25 March 2013

Population of Russian cities

The 2010 census recorded depopulation of Russia’s medium and smaller cities.

The population has grown in cities placed in areas with mineral resources; Khanty-Mansiysk - oil deposits (47%), Norilsk -  nickel deposits (30%), Yakutsk - diamonds (28%).

Nothing can stop Moscow and St. Petersburg from constant growth. The Russian government decided to increase the Moscow's territory by 2.4 times. Here you will find Map of Moscow boundary expansion.

17 March 2013

How much people spend on food

USDA has published Expenditures on food and alcoholic beverages that were consumed at home by selected countries in 2011.

As countries develop people spend proportionally less on food. Americans spend 6.7% of their income on food, when Cameroonians have to devote almost 47% of their income.

Norwegians have the highest food budget, an average Norwegian spend 95$ for food weekly.

06 March 2013

The development of the St. Petersburg underground

The St. Petersburg underground has been opened since 1955. The underground system is one of the deepest in the world, the deepest station is Admiralteyskay (86 metres below ground).