22 October 2011

Suicide rates per 100,000

The Quality of Life Index covers 81 regions of Russia and two cities: Moscow and St. Petersburg. It scores regions on a scale from 0 (low level) to 100 (high level). In 2009 Moscow got the highest score 79.08, the lowest score (47.55) has got Republic of Tuva.

11 September 2011

Moscow from 1897 to 2010

Moscow was established in 1147 by Yuri Dolgorukiy, unfortunately there are detailed data from the end of XIX century, no access to Yuri's database.

19 August 2011

Global Office Locations 2011

CBRE’s research compares the office presence of 280 major companies across 101 countries and 232 cities. 17 of the top 30 most popular company office locations are in emerging markets.

13 April 2011

Индекс стоимости жизни по отдельным городам Российской Федерации

Под индексом стоимости жизни (ИСЖ) подразумевается показатель, измеряющий относительную стоимость набора товаров и услуг в отдельных городах по сравнению с ее среднероссийским значением. Результат сопоставления этих показателей дает возможность рассчитывать на сколько дороже (или дешевле) будет обходиться один и тот же определенный набор потребительских товаров и услуг с едиными объемами их потребления в различных городах России, т.е. позволит измерить соотношение стоимости жизни в этих городах с ее среднероссийским значением.

06 March 2011

Demographics profile (Russia's regions and countries)

Demographics profile

This chart correlates life expectancy and number of children per woman for the Russia's regions. The bubble sizes show population, and the colors represent different federal districts of Russian Federation. You can also click on the play button to see data change over time.

05 February 2011

Analysis of Crime in Moscow by Districts

Nezavisimaya Gazeta has published the ranking of Moscow’s districts by the  number of crimes committed (Где в Москве жить страшнее? Рейтинг безопасности между административными округами и районами мегаполиса). The districts are ranked from 1st to 122nd. The first place being the most dangerous district with the highest number of crimes committed.

Unfortunately there is no data about the types of crime committed within Moscow’s districts.

30 January 2011

Sale of alcoholic beverages by Russian regions

You can compare the Russian regions against each other.

The start graph shows sale of vodka and beer from 1998.

To check data for other alcohols click on the label of y-axis and select:
- champagne,
- cognac,
- wine.