25 October 2012

Obesity around the world

To visualize obesity you will need:
- a carrot cake
- some raisins
- a pen to write text on the cake
- obesity data from WHO

09 October 2012

Prices of handbags at e-shops and TSUM Moscow

Data visualizations may help in taking everyday decisions. Let's say that you go for a Metallica concert, so you need a new Alexander McQueen handbag (if the concert is in the UK the best choice is "Red/Blue Crystal Britannia Skull Box Clutch"). Time to compare the prices.

I compared prices at the producers' e-shops distributing in the United States with the Moscow TSUM (Central Department Store). For "Oro Intrecio Metal Knot" by Bottega Veneta you have to pay 70% (1.942$) more in Moscow than at the American e-shop.