16 December 2013

Map of the Netherlands by gemeenten

I have done this map of the Netherlands by municipalities (second level of administrative districts) for http://tableaumapping.bi
Tableau Mapping is a project, where volunteers share their maps produced from shape files, so all Tableau users can use them.
It is a Christmas gift from me :)

11 December 2013

How to create map in Tableau with ShapeToTab

Prepare environment for work in ShapeToTab (created by Richard Leeke)
download release-1600-gdal-1-9-0-mapserver-6-0-1 from http://www.gisinternals.com/sdk/PackageList.aspx?file=release-1600-gdal-1-9-0-mapserver-6-0-1.zip
Unzip both and place them on your computer.

ShapeToTab consists of (my system is not in English, sorry):