10 December 2014

Free data journalism tools - time lines

This post starts series of posts with free tools for data journalism. To make everything clear, I have nothing against paid apps but I just wanted to show that having strong willingness to work with data and no budget is enough to build a working place for a data journalist / yourself / data blogger / student / random person who likes data. In more romantic words, love for data is everything, you don't need more :)

09 December 2014

Creating and saving path as KML file in Google Earth

You can use KML files to store routes of your trips, bird migration, geographical discoveries or whatever you want. Later you can use KML files to present created geo data in Google Fusion Tables.

03 December 2014

How to create KML file to store your geo data

You can use KML files to create maps in Google Fusion Tables. 

Comments to the tutorial: I keep everything in folders, it's not a must but when you have a few polygons or lines or points it's easier to keep order. I segregate everything by type, so for example polygons and points are never in the same folder, I do this just in case if I wanted to export KML to shape file.
This tutorial is useful when you want to create geographic files of places that are hard to find in ready geo files. It's recommended for smaller projects, as everything is done by hand. Easy to imagine that mapping all buildings in a selected country isn't this case :)