20 October 2013

The most cycle friendly European countries

The Netherlands and Denmark have been named the most cycle friendly countries in Europe by the European Cyclist Federation (ECF).

Countries were judge on five criteria:

  1. market (bicycle sales per 1000 inhabitants)
  2. modal share (cycling as main mode of transport % of population)
  3. activists (ECF individual members per million inhabitants)
  4. safety (number of death per 100,000 cyclists)
  5. tourism (total trips per head)

Points were awarded based on a country's ranking in each category and added to give the overall scores.

11 October 2013

Crime in London

This post was created thanks to London's Metropolitan Police, that published crime data for London's boroughs. Their data base consists even such details like number of stolen bicycles.

Crime rates (Rates per thousand population) were calculated according to: (crime / the resident population)*1000. Many boroughs have very high daytime population, so the resident population is only a fraction of the daytime population and that makes the crime rate so high in some boroughs.

Hope to see such data for other cities.