30 May 2011

Prices of real estate by Moscow Districts in April 2011

I am taking part in the Tableau Interactive Viz Contest. The contest is organized in co-operation with The Economist magazine. Please DO NOT vote for my visualization as the contest is open only to residents of the United States.

I decided to contribute to this challenge as I like working with data and creating visualizations, I use Tableau (and like it even living outside of the United States :) Hope that next contest will be just for Europeans :)

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  1. This is a fantastic chart!! Are these prices for residences or commercial space? Have you done something similar for other Russian cities? The reason I ask is that I'm doing research on industrial land in Russian cities ...

  2. This is great. Can this be done for other Russian cities?

  3. Terrific stuff! Do you know if the data exists for other Russian cities?

  4. Will here you will find more rankings http://rating.rbc.ru/category.shtml?realty

    No, there are no such detailed rankings for other cities on that website :( but keep searching, maybe that ranking is waiting for you somewhere in the Internet :)

  5. Will,

    This website consists a lof of articles about a real estate market http://www.irn.ru

    Prices of real estate by Russian cities (only an average price for each city without districts' prices) http://rating.rbc.ru/article.shtml?2011/08/10/33381666