25 October 2012

Obesity around the world

To visualize obesity you will need:
- a carrot cake
- some raisins
- a pen to write text on the cake
- obesity data from WHO

Percentage of population over 20 with a body-mass index greater than 30 

Codes: KW - Kuwait, AE - United Arab Emirates, ZA - South Africa, US - United States, RU - Russia, UK - United Kingdom, IT - Italy, SE - Sweden, NL - the Netherlands, FR - France, JP - Japan, KE - Kenia, IN - India, ET - Ethiopia.

Tip: If you have a huge cake and many raisins you can also visualize obesity in Nauru (71% of population) and Cook Islands (64%).


  1. Interesting statistics. Do you also have the data for Germany/Austria/Switzerland?
    And who will eat the cake now? Am I invited? (I am not obese, so no harm done ;o)

  2. Germany: 21%
    Austria: 18%
    Switzerland: 15%

    I was thinking about sending invitation on Facebook but you know how it can be with Facebook invitations lol

  3. South Sea Islanders do not consider themselves obese, do they? That is their status symbol.

  4. Now that is clearly the work of a dataviz fanatic. I love it!

  5. Wow what a graph, I've heard of Pie Charts but this takes it one step further. Wld u have Australia's stats on obesity please? Keep up the great work. I have just found your blog and jst living it. Thnx, Greg M. Melbouren, Australia