23 June 2013

Mysterious Lake Baikal

The Lake Baikal is not so mysterious anymore, one riddle has been solved, how infrastructure for eco-tourism was created.

The Great Baikal Trail was created to develop system of environmental trails around Lake Baikal. The projects are based on work done by volunteers from all over the world; Russia, Australia, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands, United States, Canada, Mongolia, and many more places.

To show the amount of work done in different areas of the lake I used:

  • number of volunteers involved,
  • man-days (=number of volunteers*number of projects' days).

I encourage you to interact with my visualization and take part in the Baikal's projects.

This data visualization is truly international:
- The data are from The Great Baikal Trail, a Russian interregional community organization.
- I am taking part in Tableau Software contest, which is open to residents of few countries so I am representing Germany :)
- The viz was done with use of American software and Russian Yandex maps :)

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