20 November 2013

Migration between prefectures of Japan in 2012

You can check flows of the three streams:

  1. In-migration: the Japanese moving into one prefecture from another place within the country.
  2. Out-migration: the Japanese moving out of one prefecture to another place within the country.
  3. Net internal migration: the difference between in-migration and out-migration.
To make sure that you understand, you can think about terms used in international migration which are equivalent of the terms used in internal migration:

immigration = in-migration
emigration = out-migration
net migration = net internal migration

Few things worth checking on the map:
Fukushima-ken – high out-migration.
Fukuoka-ken – one of the main industrial zones in the country with high immigration from prefectures that are around.
Hokkaido-ken - high out-migration; the prefecture has one fourth of Japan's total arable land, tourism is the second largest source of income for the local inhabitants.

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