16 December 2013

Map of the Netherlands by gemeenten

I have done this map of the Netherlands by municipalities (second level of administrative districts) for http://tableaumapping.bi
Tableau Mapping is a project, where volunteers share their maps produced from shape files, so all Tableau users can use them.
It is a Christmas gift from me :)

The map shows Dutch municipalities for January 2013, there are some changes comparing to 2012, three new administrative units:

- Goeree-Overflakkee (Goedereede + Dirksland + Middelharnis + Oostflakkee)
- Molenwaard (Graafstroom + Liesveld + Nieuw-Lekkerland)
- Schagen (Schagen + Harenkarspel + Zijpe)

The map consists of 408 gemeenten (second level of administrative divisions).

Few comments about names of the gemeenten:
1. Using the file remember that there are two Dutch names for  the Hague (Den Haag, 's-Gravenhage). In this file I use 'the Hague'
If you add your data and you don't see the Hague on the map, it can be a sign that your file consists Dutch names of the city, don't panic just change the name of the city in one of the files so they will be linked properly and keep analysing & visualizing data :)

2. Bergen, there are two Bergens :)
Bergen (Limburg) - in my file 'Bergen (LI)'
Bergen (North Holland) - in my file 'Bergen (NH)'

This shape file was published by CBS and Kadaster, you can use this map but you have to remember about adding information about the source.
http://www.cbs.nl  - Statistics Netherlands
http://www.kadaster.nl - Kadaster collects and registers administrative and spatial data on property and the rights involved (their work sounds like a good fun, isn't it)

(Speaking in other words "Publicatie van digitale geometrie is toegestaan mits het CBS en het Kadaster als bronnen worden vermeld" lol).

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