21 February 2014

How to get Latitude and Longitude (geographic coordinates)

You need Latitude and Longitude of a place (address, city, etc.).
There is a good tool for each life situation, so let's check the possibilities.

1. You have a few thousands of addresses and you need its geographic coordinates. The answer is Batch Geocoding.

It's good, I can even say it's very good :)

Two or even more cities can have the same name, like Moscow (the capital of Russia) and Moscow in the United States, so it's worth to give detailed addresses (street, city, state/region/province, country). When you're working on a map of the United States and suddenly you get the coordinates from a different country, you'll easily spot the mistake but when the two name-sharer cities are in the same country it's harder to notice so it's worth to give as detailed address as possible.

You can get confusing results when you give strange locations like boroughs of a city.
I tried Batch Geocoding with the boroughs of Berlin and I got some mistakes, so take a lesson from my mistake :)

Options available in Batch Geocoding:
  • Lat/Lng to Address
  • Address to Lat/Lng
  • Batch Geocode (main window, which I described above)
  • Batch Reverse Geocode
  • GPS Coordinates Converter

It's enough to click on the map and you get the coordinates.

At once you can get only Lat/Lng for a place, what isn't a perfect solution if you have a few hundreds of points...

It is a good solution when you search for a few points, especially when a place can't be described by standard address but you know the area well.

Some time ago I couldn't find a few Russian addresses on Google Maps, but I found the coordinates thanks to Yandex. I haven't done deep research, so my opinion is based on my experiences, wild imagination and preferences lol

Yandex has the same limitation as Google, so it isn't a good options for getting big projects demanding many coordinates.

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