03 December 2014

How to create KML file to store your geo data

You can use KML files to create maps in Google Fusion Tables. 

Comments to the tutorial: I keep everything in folders, it's not a must but when you have a few polygons or lines or points it's easier to keep order. I segregate everything by type, so for example polygons and points are never in the same folder, I do this just in case if I wanted to export KML to shape file.
This tutorial is useful when you want to create geographic files of places that are hard to find in ready geo files. It's recommended for smaller projects, as everything is done by hand. Easy to imagine that mapping all buildings in a selected country isn't this case :)
To create KML you need only Google Earth which is an open source software. 

// Please select Settings => Quality => 720p HD and Full Screen at the bottom of the youtube film for your own comfort and mental stability, there is nothing more annoying that blurry tutorial.//

You don't need to worry, if after creating your KML file you change your mind and want to emigrate to other geo format like shape file, there is no problem.

How to transform KML to shape file in QGIS

Import KML to QGIS

Change file type into KML or All Files and add your KML file.

 Now save as shape file.

1. You can change CRS.
2. Browse to a place where you would like to create your shape file. From the drop down menu Format select ESRI Shapefile

Name the file.

If you don't use any geographic software and the fact that QGIS is an open source software doesn't convince you to give it a try, you can transform the file from KML to shape file online, there are many online tools.

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