09 March 2015

German food mapped

You don't need any geo software to produce a map, a cupboard is perfectly enough.
Some time ago I've found in museum of Haus der Geschichte in Bonn this map of German local food specialties. The map is fully interactive, you can open each part to check what is inside. No computer, no programming involved and a nice interactive map was created.

(You can click on the photos to enlarge them, yes the quality is disturbing :))

Schnüsch - a stew made of ham, potatoes and vegetables cooked in roux.
Labskaus - consists salted meat or corned beef, potatoes, and onion.
Knieperkohl is a pickled cabbage dish similar to sauerkraut.
Mutzbraten - a pound of mutton, roasted on open birchwood fire.
Grüne Sosse - a bright sauce made from an abundant amount of seven fresh minced herbs.
Teichelmauke - mashed potatoes with bouillon and cooked beef
Dibbelabbes - a potato hash prepared from raw grated potatoes, bacon and leeks, and baked in a pot.
Gaisburger Marsch  is a traditional Swabian beef stew
Fränkisches Schäufele - is made from the pig's shoulder meat.

What is inside...
Grüne Sosse section

Schnüsch section

This map is like a challenge, it would be great to do something similar but for the United States or Russia, but I would need a bigger cupboard.

Here links to my Data Handicraft.

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