22 October 2011

Suicide rates per 100,000

The Quality of Life Index covers 81 regions of Russia and two cities: Moscow and St. Petersburg. It scores regions on a scale from 0 (low level) to 100 (high level). In 2009 Moscow got the highest score 79.08, the lowest score (47.55) has got Republic of Tuva.

The Quality of Life Index in Russian regions has been released by Russian Institute of Regional Information and Laboratory of Mathematical Methods of Political Analysis and Prognosis of MSU Faculty of Political Science.

Following factors were taken into account:

  • individual incomes,
  • regions' attractiveness for migrants,
  • infant mortality,
  • safety,
  • development of service markets,
  • unemployment rate,
  • living conditions of population,
  • life expectancy at birth.

The Freakonomics podcast page for "The Suicide Paradox" has a wealth of links to research and information on the topic of suicide mainly in the United States.


  1. The quality of life index of Tuva is not surprising. Nor the high rate of suicide in Chukotka. All good things seemed to be reserved for Moscow and St Petersburg.

  2. I really like the interactivity of this viz. Also, you got a mention during Christian Chabot's opening keynote at TCC11.


  3. @The Blog Fodder,
    I have to develop the vis and add more data, maybe sth about mental health. To be honest my vis is a bit weird as normally suicide doesn't depend only on economic situation. There are rich countries such as Belgium, Finland, South Korea with high suicide rate. The subject is difficult to analyse...

    Thank you for letting me know :)