02 October 2011

Virtual Kazakhstan

To create this map I used a tutorial done by Joe Mako but he has deleted the post from his blog so if you are considering doing something similar, I recommend using ShapeToTab.

Website full of shape files
and just in case... shape files for Russia


  1. Love your map! Thank you so much for the information.

  2. HI, I am very interested to know how you use mapshaper. I am also trying to create the polygon maps in tableau and using the mapshaper to reduce the size of shape file. The file that I process with mapshaper can't be completely used by ARCMAP 10. It tries to draw the layer with the shape file but the process gets aborted in the middle.Any insights would be helpful.

  3. I placed the link to Mapshaper and Joe in his tutorial suggested using this tool but... lol
    ... the truth is different lol I reduced size of shape file in QGIS (open source software) "It also turns out that in QGIS the menu item Tools > Geometry Tools > Simplify Geometries will export a simplified shapefile of any geometry and add it as a layer to your current project." here is the link to article http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1849928/how-to-intelligently-degrade-or-smooth-gis-data-simplifying-polygons

    Hope that it will help you...

    Btw Tableau 7.0 has some "filled maps", for example I did map of Russia by regions... and China by provinces no idea how is situation with other countries...

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    1. Hussain,

      Thank you! I have just updated the post, just use ShapeToTab.