27 April 2014

Russian text in Excel lost when saved as a CSV file

This problem could happen to everyone, even to you, maybe not to everyone as not everyone works with Russian text in Excel lol
The problem appears only when you're trying to save the text in a language other than your system's language, so if your system is in Russian and the file consists Russian text, you don't need to worry, this tutorial is not for you.

Description of the problem (in pictures to make it more spectacular).
In Excel: 
Save as => CSV

Open the file in Notepad++: 
You've received a lot of question marks without any answer...

Go to Excel and Save as => text unicode.
Open your new file in Notepad++ and you see that your file is alive and kicking.

 The same result you can get in Apache OpenOffice Calc

It should work well also with other languages; French, German. If it didn't work, you can leave an angry comment.

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