12 May 2014

Pyramid in Tableau

In the ancient Egypt building pyramids was a team work, now you can create a pyramid on your own. Though you can't use it as a grave, what can be a disadvantage...

First way

Starting point looks like this.

Right click the axis and select Edit Axis.

Tick Reversed

Drag the Measure Names to the Colour box.

Second way

Starting point looks like this.

The data used in the tutorial are from http://www.scb.se.

One measure should be negative, of course I selected the measure for the negative change randomly... Click on the men and Create Calculated Field.

Add the newly created field to the Measure Values shelf.

Now you see a pyramid shape, ok it's a bell, using data from Sweden wasn't the best idea lol In demography bell is the new pyramid.  

The negative values are visible and annoying, number of men can't be negative, we need positive men on this bell.  

Delete the minus in both tabs, Pane and Axis.

Drag the Measure Names to the Colour box.

Rename Men*(-1).  


  1. I like this type of visualization. A simpler way of getting the same result: In your starting point image, right click the axis for men, select "Edit Axis" and then check the option for "Reversed." This will avoid having a calculated field and formatting issues as well as simplifying any additional calculations you might want to do (such as table calculations).


    1. Joshua,

      Thank you very much, I have edited the tutorial.