17 November 2014

Reshaping data in Data Wrangler

Data Wrangler is a hero of this tutorial. It's free online tool to transform data.

There are three reasons why it's worth to use Data Wrangler:
  • it's very easy to use
  • although it's simple it offers many useful functions
  • the app's done by nice people

The app has limitations, Wrangler only supports up to 40 columns and 1000 rows. If you are planning to work with something bigger than that, then you have to divide your data. This limitation is the most painful part of this tutorial so you can relax and keep reading, now there will be only positive things.

Not each application can work with data in cross tabs, in the tutorial I show how to transform the cross tab just in a few clicks.

// Please select Settings => Quality => 720p HD and Full Screen at the bottom of the youtube film for your own comfort and mental stability, there is nothing more annoying that blurry tutorial.//

More functions you can see in the official tutorial on the Data Wrangler's website.

Just check how wise is Data Wrangler. When you hoover over the options in the Suggestions panel, colours will show you how your chart will be transformed if you select the option.

Don't worry about mistakes, just get wild. Even if you don't know much about data there is no chance to do anything wrong. You can always erase mistakenly implemented options in the Script panel.

Exporting options
//Scripts (invisible on the photo: JavaScript and Python).//

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