10 November 2014

Something old, something new

I'm totally addicted to archaeological documentaries. My favourite archaeological site is Göbekli Tepe, google it, it's just WOW. In July 2014 Klaus Schmidt, who headed the excavations at the site, passed away. I started to thinking about doing something in this field. I wanted to analyse some data devoted to Göbekli Tepe, but I couldn't find anything. Archaeological data published in the internet are rarity.

I came across some data for Stansted Airport. It's harder to work with archaeological data than I thought. However, bearing in mind that the simplest solution are the best, I started to beg for help in the internet and I succeeded. Special thanks to Nicholas Cooke and Niall Donald, these amazing people shared their knowledge with me.

The database doesn't consist information about the age of each item so the total number of items in the first dashboard Archaeological periods vary from the following dashboards.

Abbreviation CBM means ceramic building material.

It's hard to analyse this data set so I needed some support. In majority of such cases Rammstein is enough, but not this time, I needed something stronger, concert version of Rammstein was my second choice but it didn't help.

Then I tried Apocalyptica, this was a serious mistake.
Depressing cellos from Scandinavia + autumn + less sun + a hard data set = constant sadness :(
I do like Apocalyptica but not when I analyse.

Lordi was fine but not motivating to work with data.

When I was a student I saw my teacher of financial econometrics listening to Metallica while analysing data. This was it. Perfect solution.

My message to children is clear: listen to your teachers.

Archaeology can be treated like a metaphor of human life, we expect that we will discover this in our lives:

Source: Wikipedia

...but we have to deal with this (a dark hole lol)

Source: http://www.framearch.co.uk

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